Thursday, 9 February 2012

Step-by-Step Cauldron of Blood : Part 8 Paint it Purple

So I thought it was time for another bit of the painting guide. Nothing too extensive today, just painting a bit of purple on the cloth areas.

First off I give the areas a smooth coat of GW's Liche Purple. I really like this colour and use it on the majority of my elves to tie them together as an army, it goes on nice and can be mixed with a few things to give some nice contrasts.

Next is a highlight of Liche Purple and Skull White, I add just a small spot of white as it makes quite a difference to the purple. I then paint the more raised areas of the cloth.
Finally I add a little more white to the mix and add another highlight to the raised ares. I try to make the final highlight quite thin along the very edges of the areas as to not take the attention away from the original colour. If you do too much it will make the cloth look more pink than purple and I really don't think pink Dark Elves will look that terrifying on the tabletop.
So I'm now getting pretty close to finishing off the Cauldrons attendants, only have the black areas to highlight, the blood and gore to add, and the basing to be done (Which I will do once the actual Cauldron is painted).

This week I will be doing some extra work on my Dark Eldar Commission and I'll be finishing off the attendants before moving onto the Cauldron itself.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A little bit of Dark Eldar

So a little break from my guide to show whats in the process at the moment. This is a prototype Dark Eldar I've painted. I'm currently painting up an army as a commission for a friend. I was given free range with the scheme, so opted for a red/black look, which will be reversed on the vehicles in the force.
I should hopefully have the first squad all done (except the basing which I will do when I have more done) by the end of this week. As well as some more for the guide.

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