Saturday, 7 July 2012

Iron Hands - Pre-Heresy List

So I've been busy this week working on my Pre-Heresy army. I decided that I would sit down and right a starting list for a campaign I will hopefully be starting/running later in the year (once everyone gets some bits painted up). So here's my list (using the Tempus Fugitives AoTE Expansion);

Ferrus Manus
Morlocks (5 Man)
   Relic Blades
   Terminator Armour
   Iron Halos


Legion Tactical Squad (20 man)
   2 Flamers
   2 Missile Launchers
   Power Fist (Sergeant)
   Servo Arm
   Locator Beacon


Legion Tactical Squad (10 man)
   Melta gun
   Servo Arm
   Combi-Melta (Sergeant)
   Melta Bomb
   Locator Beacon


Legion Dreadnaught
   HK Missile
   Neural Fibres
   Armoured Sarcophagus
   2 Close Combat Weapons with Flamers


Total 1000pts

What do you guys think?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Pre-Heresy Iron Hands - Video 1

Had a message earlier this week about starting a Tale of Gamers Pre-Heresy Marine force. Here's my first video in the series.

Hope you like.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Khainite Blood Sorcerer

So I've got my second video up on You Tube. Hope you like, please comment, share, like and what have you.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Forgeworld Basilisk on Video

So I'm trying to start doing my blogs via video. Nothing too special at the moment, I'm just using my mobile-phone and simple video editing software. But you never know, if things take off I may end up investing in some better equipment.

Hope you enjoy, comment, share, subscribe and all that jazz.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


So I had a request today, a rather strange one that I really have no idea as to why, but then again do I really need to. Tzarinchilla sent me a message over asking if I could put some pictures (front and back) of one of my Corsairs. Now I really don't know why but here they are :

Hope that's what you were wanting.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Warhammer Battle Report May 2012

So it’s been a couple of weeks since my latest Warhammer game, it was a fun day, for myself and I would hope to think the other guys that turned up to play. The idea again was to have a a bring and battle game where I used my Dark Elves and took on whatever came along. After the last game I was a bit hesitent to bring along the whole horde so decided that I would take along a 7000pt list instead. Louis had been wanting me to use a Khainite force, so I based it around Witch Elves, Executioners, Assassins, Hags and had Crone Hellebrone as the army general.

My Dark Elves before set up

As you can see I did take a few things that aren’t Khainite, but might be found around the cult. Hydrae are a must to add some threat, Corsairs are there because, well how else would the army get to the Empire. Spearmen, Warriors and Crossbows are simply Household Guards that have accompanied the expedition. I arrived early on Saturday morning and set to getting the army ready.

The guys get their minis ready for the game

A little later my opponents started to get their armies ready. Sadly again there were very few painted models on the far side of the table. I was facing 1500pts of Wood Elves (which were actually mostly painted) 2500pts of Skaven (Grey Horde), 3000pts of Vampire Counts (with 3 painted models), around 600-800pts of Empire (with an almost painted Mortar) and 1500pts of Daemons (mostly still grey). 

The forces assemble

As I saw the Hordes of Greyness assembling I realised I was actually going to be outnumbered vastly and outpointed by a fair bit as well.

As we set up deployment we realised that the Forces of Order (or whatever they were) didn’t really have enough room. So I suggested they set up along one side and a table edge, I would set up in a semi-circular position and we’d start from there.

The armies set up

Hordes of greyness

Lots of undead

As you can see had the undead horde been painted up it would have been a pretty spectacular looking sight on the table. But I was quite happy in the fact that my models were all painted and looked good.

My left flank

I set up with the Corsairs holding the left flank, backed up by some Executioners and a Hydra. Behind them was a unit of Warriors which accompanied a Blood Witch (Sorceress) and a Cauldron.

The centre

In the centre the main bulk of the army faced off against the tide of rat-men and forest elves. A unit of my Shades captured the tower in the centre of the table, giving them a good vantage point from which to shoot.

The corsairs mince through their opponents

As the battle starts the Frenzied Corsairs charge across the battlefield, slicing through the stunned Blood crushers of Khorne and impacting on the waiting Hand gunners, the Executioners and Hydra march to meet the oncoming hordes but are bombarded by the mortar battery on the hill and take losses to half their numbers.

The Executioners in the centre march to a position ready to meet the Glade riders charge, only to bare-witness to the slaughter as the Hydra and Shades pepper them from afar. The Blood witch and her guard make their way towards the central tower, the target of the raid.

On the right a Hydra meets a Doom wheel in combat amongst the trees and Harpies swoop down to pester the horde of Ghouls making their way along the battles edge.

The centre of the Druchii force readies itself for battle with the Skaven and Elves.

Puff, all the Skaven disappear 

The sight of the oncoming warrior women proves too much for the cowardly rat-men who flee in their entirety. Leaving the broken Glade Riders standing in the centre. The Ghouls and Ghoul King mince their way through the minor distraction that was the Harpie and reach the farm house on the right, guarded by the second unit of Crossbowmen.

Back on the left flank the Corsairs slice their way through yet another unit, this time Horrors of Tzeentch and follow through onto the Mortars. The Executioners and Hydra charge the Bloodletters, only to have the Hydra flanked by some Grave Gurd on the Alliances turn.

A room with a view

The Blood Witch takes up a high vantage point atop the Monastary. Whilst her bodyguard takes up defensive possitions inside

The rallied glade riders look at the slow marching elven warriors chosing which target they will assault next. But are they hunters or hunted? ...

As the hydra has a different idea as to what they will be doing.

The Corsairs make short work of the first Mortar team and move onto the next.

And at the tower, the mass unit of undeath led by Kemmler and Krell assault the Monastary with their Wardancer allies.

I begin to reorganise the main force to reinforce the left and take on the masses of undead, as there is very little left on the right flank worth worrying about. 

Stephen, Jake, Fraser and a guy who's name I forget (sorry bud)

As time draws to a close we look over the battlefield, and count the dead. With their left flank destroyed and their right flank crumbling. All that remains of the Allience is the hordes of dead in the centre.

We look at the costs of those that had died and I grin as I realise that all that I have lost (points wise) is a unit of Harpies and a War Hydra. Although some of my force had taken quite a beating. When I totaled up the kills, Handgunners, Blood Crushers, Glade Riders, Horrors, Mortars, the Skaven Army. I realise that I now probably out point them.

Krell disputes my claim on the Monestary

But we decide that as the tower is disputed when we ended the game we should call it a draw.

The main force is still on the march (and completely unscathed)

But I know they wouldn’t have lasted another two turns...I claim my victory!!!

Quick update before work

Been a while since I got anything updated in my plog. I suppose I should add an update or two.

Lets see what have I been up to in my absence. Well I had a big game of Fantasy a couple of weeks ago (report and photos to come) 7000pts of my Dark Elves against a 10000pts unholy alliance protecting an Empire Monetary. 

In game shot of my Dark Elf battle line

My army also made an appearance at the GW Warhammer Doubles Tournament, sadly I was unable to go myself, so a couple of the lads from my local GW borrowed 2000pts of my Elves and took them down. With a little coaching and help with the lists, and after only a week of test games they managed to come 39th which is not bad all things considered (best out of all from GW Carlisle, and best they have ever done). I also made them up a piece of scenery for the game (photos to come).

WIP shot of the Corrupted Waystone

At the moment I'm working on a few bits and pieces, a Throne of Everblight to use as a SoM fulcrum or Khainite Throne (from a campaign pack I picked up). Still working on the Cauldron painting guide. Making up a couple of Khainite Priests and a unit of the new Blood Vassals from Raging Heroes to add to my Witch Elf army. 

I'll try and add something new later on tonight, once I get home from work. Till then happy gaming :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Warhammer Doubles

Well today I was hoping to be heading down to the Doubles Tournament at GW in Nottingham, but sadly work has played it's part and I'm stuck here in Carlisle. My army is still winging it's way though, being used by two of the lads from GW Carlisle. And best of luck to them...

Now one of the things from the Tournie was that you had to take a terrain piece, themed with your army. As the lads were using two 1000pts of my Dark Elves I thought it would be an idea to make a piece to go with.

Above is a WIP shot of what I came up with.

I'll hopefully be getting filled in with progress reports throughout the games tomorrow, and will post on here anything fun that happens.

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