Saturday, 7 July 2012

Iron Hands - Pre-Heresy List

So I've been busy this week working on my Pre-Heresy army. I decided that I would sit down and right a starting list for a campaign I will hopefully be starting/running later in the year (once everyone gets some bits painted up). So here's my list (using the Tempus Fugitives AoTE Expansion);

Ferrus Manus
Morlocks (5 Man)
   Relic Blades
   Terminator Armour
   Iron Halos


Legion Tactical Squad (20 man)
   2 Flamers
   2 Missile Launchers
   Power Fist (Sergeant)
   Servo Arm
   Locator Beacon


Legion Tactical Squad (10 man)
   Melta gun
   Servo Arm
   Combi-Melta (Sergeant)
   Melta Bomb
   Locator Beacon


Legion Dreadnaught
   HK Missile
   Neural Fibres
   Armoured Sarcophagus
   2 Close Combat Weapons with Flamers


Total 1000pts

What do you guys think?

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