Saturday, 19 May 2012

Quick update before work

Been a while since I got anything updated in my plog. I suppose I should add an update or two.

Lets see what have I been up to in my absence. Well I had a big game of Fantasy a couple of weeks ago (report and photos to come) 7000pts of my Dark Elves against a 10000pts unholy alliance protecting an Empire Monetary. 

In game shot of my Dark Elf battle line

My army also made an appearance at the GW Warhammer Doubles Tournament, sadly I was unable to go myself, so a couple of the lads from my local GW borrowed 2000pts of my Elves and took them down. With a little coaching and help with the lists, and after only a week of test games they managed to come 39th which is not bad all things considered (best out of all from GW Carlisle, and best they have ever done). I also made them up a piece of scenery for the game (photos to come).

WIP shot of the Corrupted Waystone

At the moment I'm working on a few bits and pieces, a Throne of Everblight to use as a SoM fulcrum or Khainite Throne (from a campaign pack I picked up). Still working on the Cauldron painting guide. Making up a couple of Khainite Priests and a unit of the new Blood Vassals from Raging Heroes to add to my Witch Elf army. 

I'll try and add something new later on tonight, once I get home from work. Till then happy gaming :)

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